Symbian OS Error Codes

Generic Errors
KErrNone 0
KErrNotFound -1 Unable to find the specified object
KErrGeneral -2 General (unspecified) error
KErrCancel -3 The operation was cancelled
KErrNoMemory -4 Not enough memory
KErrNotSupported -5 The operation requested is not supported
KErrArgument -6 An argument is out of range
KErrTotalLossOfPrecision -7 This error arises when converting from an internal 96-bit real representation to a TReal32; the exponent of the internal representation is so small that the 32-bit real cannot contain it.
KErrBadHandle -8 An invalid handle has been passed. A function involving a resource owned by a server or the kernel has specified an invalid handle.
KErrOverflow -9 In the context of mathematical or time/date functions, indicates a calculation that has produced arithmetic overflow exceeding the bounds allowed by the representation. In the context of data transfer, indicates that a buffer has over-filled without being emptied soon enough.
KErrUnderflow -10 In the context of mathematical or time/date functions, indicates a calculation that has produced a result smaller than the smallest magnitude of a finite number allowed by the representation. In the context of data transfer, indicates that a buffer was under-filled when data was required.
KErrAlreadyExists -11 Already exists
KErrPathNotFound -12 Unable to find the specified folder
KErrDied -13 A handle refers to a thread that has died.
KErrInUse -14 A requested resource is already in exclusive use.
KErrServerTerminated -15 Client/server send/receive operation cannot run, because the server has terminated.
KErrServerBusy -16 A client/server send/receive operation cannot run, because the server is busy handling another request.
KErrCompletion -17 An operation is complete, successfully or otherwise. This code may be used to indicate that some follow on operation can take place. It does not necessarily indicate an error condition.
KErrNotReady -18 A device required by an i/o operation is not ready to start operations. A common reason for returning this code is because a device has not been initialised, or has no power.
KErrUnknown -19 Unknown error
KErrCorrupt -20 Some media is not formatted properly, or links between sections of it have been corrupted.
KErrAccessDenied -21 Access denied
KErrLocked -22 An operation cannot be performed, because the part of the file to be read or written is locked.
KErrWrite -23 During a file write operation, not all the data could be written.
KErrDisMounted -24 A volume which was to be used for a file system operation has been dismounted.
KErrEof -25 End of file has been reached.
KErrDiskFull -26 Disk full
KErrBadDriver -27 A driver DLL is of the wrong type.
KErrBadName -28 A file name or other object name does not conform to the required syntax.
KErrCommsLineFail -29 Comms line failed
KErrCommsFrame -30 A frame error has occurred in a communications operation.
KErrCommsOverrun -31 An overrun has been detected by a communications driver.
KErrCommsParity -32 A parity error has occurred in communications.
KErrTimedOut -33 Timed out
KErrCouldNotConnect -34 Failed to connect
KErrCouldNotDisconnect -35 Failed to disconnect
KErrDisconnected -36 A function could not be executed because the required session was disconnected.
KErrBadLibraryEntryPoint -37 A library entry point was not of the required type.
KErrBadDescriptor -38 A non-descriptor parameter was passed by a client interface, when a server expected a descriptor.
KErrAbort -39 An operation has been aborted
KErrTooBig -40 A number was too big
KErrDivideByZero -41 Divide by zero
KErrBadPower -42 Insufficient power was available to complete an operation.
KErrDirFull -43 An operation on a directory has failed.
KErrHardwareNotAvailable -44 An operation cannot be performed because the necessary hardware is not available
KErrSessionClosed -45 The completion status when an outstanding client/server message is completed because a shared session has been closed.
KErrPermissionDenied -46 An operation cannot be performed due to a potential security violation.
KErrExtensionNotSupported -47 A requested extension function is not supported by the object concerned.
KErrCommsBreak -48 A break has occurred in a communications operation.
KErrMsgBioMessageNotValid -90

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Etel Fax
KFaxErrModemNotWorking -101 The fax modem has failed
KFaxErrCannotConnect -102
KFaxErrCSIorCIG -103
KFaxErrDISorDTC -104
KFaxErrFrameFail -105 The connection to the fax machine has been broken
KFaxErrAtNegotiatedSpeed -106
KFaxErrCFR -107
KFaxErrMCF -108
KFaxErrCRP -109
KFaxErrNoDial -110 Could not dial fax number
KFaxErrNoDialTone -111 No dial tone was detected
KFaxErrBusy -112 The line is busy
KFaxErrNoAnswer -113 The call was not answered
KFaxErrNoCarrier -114 The call was not answered by a fax machine
KFaxErrRemoteCannotReceive -115 Could not send to the fax machine. The fax machine is unable to receive faxes
KFaxErrCompression -116 Panic
KFaxErrPageTooLong -117 Panic
KFaxErrDCN -118
KFaxErrRemoteDCN -119
KFaxErrHDLC -120
KFaxErrStopAndWait -121 Panic
KFaxErrTrainStop -122
KFaxErrReceiveTimeout -123 Could not send to the fax machine. The connection has timed out
KFaxErrCannotEndData -124 The connection to the fax machine has been broken
KFaxErrEOP -125
KFaxErrMPS -126
KFaxErrNoReceiveMode -127
KFaxErrCannotAnswer -128
KFaxErrPrematureHangup -129 Could not receive fax. The fax machine ended the call
KFaxErrModemResponse -130
KFaxErrPrematureOK -131
KFaxErrNoFinalOK -132
KFaxErrUnknownPageCode -133
KFaxErrNoHangup -134
KFaxErrNoNegotiate -135
KFaxErrModemDisconnect -136
KFaxErrWrongModemType -137
KFaxErrTrainFail -138
KFaxTransmitterStalled -139
KFaxReceiverOverflow -140
KFaxCannotOpenPort -141
KFaxCannotCloseStore -142
KFaxCannotOpenStore -143
KFaxThreadError -144
KFaxFileSessionError -145
KFaxLogCreateError -146
KFaxFileSeekError -147
KFaxPDDError -148
KFaxLDDError -149
KFaxC32Error -150
KFaxCommsServerError -151
KFaxCommsPortError -152
KFaxCancelRequested -153
KFaxNoClass2Xon -154
KFaxConfigError -155
KFaxCannotAutodetect -156
KCannotFindFirstPage -157
KFaxBadInitialization -158
KFaxOnlyJustAutoDetected -159
KFaxBelowMinSpeed -160
KFaxPollingUnsupported -161
KFaxNothingToPoll -162
KFaxEtelServerError -163
Email Pop Errors
KPop3CannotConnect -170 The POP3 server refused to allow a connection
KPop3InvalidUser -171 The POP3 server refused to allow a connection. Check your mailbox username
KPop3InvalidLogin -172 The POP3 server refused to allow a connection. Check your mailbox username and password
KPop3CannotCreateApopLogonString -173 Could not create secure logon string. Mailbox server may not support secure logon
KPop3ProblemWithRemotePopServer -174 Problem communicating with POP3 server
KPop3CannotOpenServiceEntry -175 Panic
KPop3CannotSetRequiredFolderContext -176 Panic
KPop3InvalidApopLogin -177 Panic
Email Socket Errors
KImsKErrorDNSNotFound -180 Could not find a DNS server. Please check the DNS address in the internet control panel
KImsKErrorControlPanelLocked -181 Could not connect to internet. Please ensure the internet control panel is closed
KImskErrorISPOrIAPRecordNotFound -182
KImskErrorActiveSettingIsDifferent -183 Unable to connect using the specified IAP, already connected to the Internet using a different IAP
KImskSecuritySettingsFailed -184
Socket Errors
KErrNetUnreach -190 Could not connect to the network. Currently unreachable
KErrHostUnreach -191 Could not connect to the specified server
KErrNoProtocolOpt -192 The specified server refuses the selected protocol
KErrUrgentData -193
KErrWouldBlock -1000 See also BAFL, OCR and PTI errors
Email IMAP Errors
KErrImapConnectFail -200 Could not connect to IMAP4 server
KErrImapServerFail -201 The connection to the IMAP4 server has been broken
KErrImapServerParse -202
KErrImapServerBusy -203 The IMAP4 server refused to allow connection. The server is currently busy
KErrImapServerVersion -204 Could not connect to the IMAP server. The IMAP server is of the wrong version
KErrImapSendFail -205 Could not transmit to the IMAP4 server
KErrImapBadLogon -206 The IMAP4 server refused to allow a connection. Check your mailbox username and password
KErrImapSelectFail -207
KErrImapWrongFolder -208 Could not select an IMAP4 folder
KErrImapServerNoSecurity -209
KErrImapServerLoginDisabled -210 Login for this IMAP4 server has been disabled
KErrImapTLSNegotiateFailed -211 A secure connection cannot be made to this server
KErrImapCantDeleteFolder -212 This folder cannot be deleted
KDmssUnknownErr -221
KDmssMailboxUnavailableErr -222
KDmssActionAbortedErr -223
KDmssActionNotTakenErr -224
KDmssCmdUnrecognisedErr -225
KDmssSyntaxErrorErr -226
KDmssCmdNotImplementedErr -227
KDmssBadSequenceErr -228
KDmssParamNotImplementedErr -229
KDmssMailboxNoAccessErr -230
KDmssExceededStorageErr -231
KDmssMailboxNameErr -232
KDmssTransactionFailedErr -233
KDmssTimeOutErr -234
Email SMTP Error
KSmtpNoMailFromErr -240 Could not send email due to an invalid return email address. Check your email address in your account settings
KSmtpUnknownErr -241 Problem while sending email
KSmtpBadMailFromAddress -242 Email message has an invalid "From" address
KSmtpBadRcptToAddress -243 Email message has an invalid "To", "Cc" or "Bcc" address
KSmtpLoginRefused -244 SMTP server refused to allow connection
KSmtpNoMsgsToSendWithActiveSettings -245 Could not send email. The messages are destined for an account different from the currently connected one.
KErrSmtpTLSNegotiateFailed -246 Secure connection failed. Server may not accept secure connections or certificates may be expired.
KImcmHTMLPartNotPopulated -250
KImcmInvalidMessageStructure -251
KErrPop3TLSNegotiateFailed -260
Access Point Engine
KErrInvalidColumn -300 Attempting to read or write a column which does not exists.
KErrInvalidBearer -301 The given bearer is not valid.
KErrInvalidDatabaseType -302 The type of the database is not valid
KErrInvalidName -303 The name of the AP is not valid (length = 0)
KErrDescOverflow -304
KErrNullPointerPassed -305 The passed pointer was invalid = NULL
KErrInvalidFilterType -310 The filter is not valid
KErrInvalidBearerType -311 The bearer is not valid
KErrInvalidIspRequest -312 The ISP type given is invalid
KErrValueUnspecified -323 Used when the requested value was not specified in the database
KApSelectionCanceled -350
KTxtNotOverriden -351
KErrInvalidTextId -355
KErrActiveApDbObserverNotFound -500 Can be BIO Messaging "KBspInvalidMessage"
BIO messaging
KBspInvalidMessage -500 "Corrupt message cannot be read. (can also be KErrValueUnspecified in AP Engine)"
KBspSmartMessageInvalidToken -501 "Corrupt message cannot be read."
KBspSmartMessageNoParserDefined -502 "Unknown message type cannot be read."
KIacpUnknownSmsType -510 "Left token not starting with neither 'M' nor 'I'."
KIacpBIOMsgTypeNotSupported -511 "This Bio msg is not suppported.."
KiacpMandatoryDataNotSet -512 "A mandatory Field/Value has not been found in SMS message."
KIacpUnknownMailProtocol -513 "Mailbox configuration message refers to an unknown protocol."
KIacpErrRightToken -514 "Improper right token i.e not equal t/f (True/False)."
KIacpErrLeftToken -515 "Unknown Left Token i.e not starting with 'M' for Mail or 'I' for Internet configuration"
KIacpErrSmsDataNotParsed -516 "Sms data should be parsed before commiting."
KIacpErrSmsDataNotRestored -517 "Sms data should be parsed before commiting."
KIacpScriptErrISPNotFound -518 "Mailbox configuration message specifies an unknown Internet Access Point."
KIacpErrScriptNotDefined -519 "Script not included in sms."
KIacpErrScriptNotFoundInDB -520 "There is no script in DB to append to.."
KIacpErrScriptAlreadyAdd -521 "Script cannot be add more than ounce for a each Bio Msg."