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Тема: Chesspresso Multiplayer Chess v1.4.1

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    Начално Chesspresso Multiplayer Chess v1.4.1

    Една нова и прекрасна, Online Шах игра за Android OS. Устройството ви, трябва да е ROOT-нато, че да можете да премахнете лицензната проверка на Играта, с помощта на Lucky Patcher.

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    Addictive multiplayer Chess against players from aroun d the world. Try it!
    Chesspresso introduces a unique way of playing online multiplayer Correspondence Chess (Postal Chess) on yo ur android device.
    Play Chess with friends or strangers for ranking points ( ELO) with as many players as you like from all over the world simultaneously, and in your own time to fit your busy schedule.
    Give it a try, we think you'll love it...
    * Chess at your own pace against opponents of all skill l evels. * Chat with your opponents. * Easy to use game browser. * ELO ranking system and a leaderboard, with thousan ds of players. * PUSH Notifications - Get notified instantly when you n eed to make a move, and configure how you get notifie d. * Ultra low bandwidth requirements. * History - A complete history of all your past games.
    The full version of Chesspresso is add free, and no limit on the amount of moves you can make in a day!
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